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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 11 Apr 2020

Within the framework of the joint NWA-ORC-programme Living on Soft Soils: Subsidence & Society project of Utrecht University, TUDelft, Wageningen University and Research, Deltares Research Institute, TNO, Wageningen Environmental Research and Utrecht University, Utrecht University is seeking a motivated PhD candidate to work on this collaborative research programme.

Programme description

The threat of land subsidence, the knowledge hiatus on process-interplays causing it, and lacking mid- to long-term coping strategies, ask for an integrated research programme that addresses the issue of land subsidence in a holistic way, whereby insights about physical-chemical-biological system functioning, development, evaluation and implementation of measures as well as an assessment of their governance and legal implications co-evolve. The overall aim of our programme is to develop an integrative approach to achieve feasible, legitimate and sustainable solutions for managing the negative societal effects of land subsidence, connecting fundamental research on subsidence processes to socio-economic impact of subsidence and to governance and legal framework design.

The programme consists of four scientific work packages:

WP1:Measuring and monitoring of land subsidence

WP2: Land subsidence mechanisms and associated greenhouse gas emissions

WP3:Impact analysis of land subsidence

WP4:Measures and governance approaches to cope with land subsidence

The programme is funded by and contributes to the Dutch Research Agenda – Research along routes by consortia (NWA-ORC) aiming to stimulate research and innovation focused on the NWA routes, designed and implemented by interdisciplinary consortia spanning the entire knowledge chain, in which relevant social partners (Deltares Research Institute, TNO, NAM, Tauw BV, Sweco, Municipality of Gouda, Platform of Soft Soil Municipalities, Province of Utrecht, WDOD, HDSR, STOWA, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Wageningen Environmental research) are also represented.

Work package 1 focusses on making remote sensing data on total subsidence useful for human-induced soft-soil shallow subsidence analysis and forecasting, by optimizing its processing and by filtering for subsidence due to other factors: background natural ones (tectonic and hydroglacio-isostatic) and human-induced processed in the deeper substrate (drinking water from aquifers at intermediate depth; salt mining and gas field exploitation at kilometers depth).

For this work package Utrecht University is seeking a motivated PhD candidate to work on Relative sea-level rise related subsidence.

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