PhD Position in Accounting Information Systems

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 27 Nov 2020

Ph.D. student with interests in quantitative methodological aspects of data science or business, econometrics, or methodological aspects in humanities, psychology, law and similar.

The research entails a Ministry of Defense (MOD) funded research project “Validation of Data Science Procedures”. The aim of the research is to develop auditing, validation, verification, and testing procedures to ensure that data driven applications adhere to the constraints imposed by the application context, in particular military contexts. This dictates, depending on the application area, legal, operational and ethical constraints such as accountability, transparency, explainability, fairness, (prevention of) unbiasedness, performance and other relevant parameters.  All these constraints need to be met by the data science procedures before they can be deployed. Furthermore, once the procedure/application is deployed it needs to be monitored and audited to ensure proper working and meet the requirements throughout the deployment life cycle. Examples of applications are within border security and policing, profiling, targeting, and command and control decisions.

Part of the research will be done in cooperation with the Netherlands Defense Academy and various entities within the MOD. The Ph.D. student will be based at the Department of Accounting and Information Management. The majority of research in the department can be classified as economics-based, quantitative empirical research, and experimental research.

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