PhD Position ‘Economic Assessment of Climate Change Risks for the Financial Sector’

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 01 Sep 2021

REACHOUT is a research project consisting of 19 partners that is funded by the EU to support the EU Green Deal. The aim of REACHOUT is to contribute to ‘climate-resilient urban development pathways’: the development of resilient, climate-neutral and adaptive cities. To achieve this, we plan to develop a ‘Triple-A toolbox’ for assessing climate change risks in six City Hubs. These municipalities will act as drivers for further use in the region and in other cities. This PhD project in particular will examine with pension investor APG methods and data that can support the development of climate-robust investments that the financial sector has made in the City Hubs and beyond.

Climate change risks, such as more severe storms and floods, are expected to cause substantial losses to properties and businesses which also affect financial sector investments, such as those made by pension funds. The degree of these risks depend on the severity of these natural hazards and damage they cause, business interruption impacts, and available compensation and insurance arrangements. Through integrated risk modelling and empirical analysis this PhD project will assess climate change risks for financial sector investments, in collaboration with financial sector partners and other research institutes. This will aid the design of adaptation solutions to limit these climate risks for businesses and property owners and improved financial risk management by investors, and thereby enhance societal resilience to climate change.

As a PhD candidate in this project you will be based at the oldest centre of excellence in interdisciplinary environmental science in the Netherlands, the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Your supervisory team will consist of experienced professors in Environmental Economics (Prof. Wouter Botzen and Dr Fujin Zhou) and in Water and Climate Risk (Prof. Jeroen Aerts and Dr Hans de Moel).

Your duties

  • engage in supervised scientific research that will ultimately result in a doctoral thesis
  • participate in the relevant activities of the REACHOUT consortium and the IVM
  • participate in the organisation of scientific and practice-oriented events (workshops, conferences), in close collaboration with other consortium members and relevant stakeholders
  • participate in the course programme for PhD candidates of the VU Graduate School and National Research School SENSE
  • publish the results from your doctoral research in the form of conference papers, contributions to scientific journals, as well as through popular publications and presentations
  • contribute to teaching activities at IVM

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