PhD position Candidate Methanol Reforming for Fuel Cell Systems

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 07 Mar 2022

The MENENS project develops adaptable energy system solutions for ships with methanol as a fuel with a broad consortium across the Dutch maritime sector, from fleet owner to ship designer and from shipyard to (specialist) supplier. In this project, Delft University of Technology performs applied and fundamental research into methanol engine technology, methanol reforming for fuel cells, and integration of methanol engines, fuel cells and batteries in DC systems and in ships. The researchers, consisting of 7 PhD positions, and an experienced supervision team of Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Defence Academy, develop models, methodologies, control algorithms and concept designs for methanol energy systems.

In this research, you will work on methanol reforming for emission-free power generation in fuel cell systems. Methanol reforming has been demonstrated in various research projects and fuel cell systems. However, it is unknown how the methanol reforming process can be tailored best to the needs of different fuel cell types and applications. You will develop a dynamic model for the methanol reformer and validate it with experimental data. The model will be subsequently integrated to develop integrated dynamic system models for low- and high temperature fuel cell systems with integrated methanol reformers. The models will be then be used to determine the optimal reformer and process design for methanol-fuelled fuel cell systems and assess their applicatiliby for different ship types.

You will be working in the Marine Engineering group of the Ship Design, Production and Operation section at the Maritime and Transport Technology department. In addition, you will be working closely with other researchers working within MENENS and other related topics and projects, at TU Delft partner institutions and companies.

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