PhD: Physical understanding of microstructure formation for the development of advanced steels

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 01 Jun 2020

A PhD position is available in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of TU Delft. The PhD will work in the framework of a European project funded by the RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) in which TU Delft (The Netherlands), TATA Steel (The Netherlands), CENIM-CSIC (Madrid), Ascometal (France) and Schaeffler (Germany) are the participants forming the consortium. The project is expected to start the 1st of October 2020.
This project aims to develop combinations of steel grades and process routes based on innovative, combined use of martensite and bainite reactions, and use these to overcome the current limitations of carbide free bainitic steels for two specific target applications. In a first application, this combination will lead to the development of a 3rd generation high strength sheet with a process route compatible with existing continuous annealing or galvanizing lines. In a second application, it will result in a significant improvement of performance and dramatic reduction of heat-treatment time for the manufacture of high-performance bearings or similar components.
Investigations in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of TU Delft will mainly cover the following points:

  • The strategy for the microstructural design is based on the effect of a pre-existing fraction on martensite on the subsequent bainite reaction kinetics. This phenomenon will be experimentally investigated. Generated knoweldge will be applied in the design of new steel alloys (compositions and treatments) considering industrial processing windows.
  • The microstructural development during the application of this type of heat treatments will be modelled using analytical as well as phase field models. These models will be supported by the experimental studies mentioned in the previous point and will contribute for a better understanding of the investigated microstructural processes.

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