PhD in providing methods and (geo)hydrological tools to improve the freshwater availability of the...

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 17 May 2021


  • You have a successfully completed relevant MSc degree in (geo)hydrology. An internationally recognized two year master program taught in English and including a thesis research of 36 ECTS is highly preferred.
  • proven experience with hydrological modeling
  • Experience in programming scripts (e.g. Python, R, Matlab )
  • Being able to put your technological hydrological expertise in a water system perspective
  • You are a team player. Working together is essential for the success of this program;
  • excellent English language proficiency (a minimum of CEFR C2 level). Preferably with proven test-results available. For more information about this proficiency level, please visit our special language page .

Candidates with other MSc degrees may need to conduct qualifying exams, successful language proficiency tests (TOEFL, or similar), and other extra requirements before being admitted to the project and the PhD programs of the participating Universities.

About AquaConnect

The Dutch delta faces enormous challenges in fresh water provision for industry, agriculture, nature and drinking water during increasingly frequent severe droughts due to climate change. This requires a major overhaul towards a water system that stores precipitation surplus instead of discharging it to the sea and towards use of alternative water sources, such as waste water treatment plant effluents, rain water collected from residential areas and brackish water. AquaConnect is instrumental in this transition by developing: i) chemical technologies enabling use of domestic/industrial effluents and brackish (ground)water, ii) digital technologies to design smart grid infrastructures to connect supply, demand, and nature based storage, iii) tools to manage related societal changes, and iv) demonstrations in four utilisation cases and international twinning.
AquaConnect scientific research will be performed in the following workpackages:

  • Digital technologies to identify new groundwater resources and determine the impact of its extraction.
  • Risk-assessment of cyclic water systems that include nature-based treatment and storage
  • Chemical and physical technologies for fit-for-purpose water, brine and sludge supply
  • Freshwater provision governance
  • The digital smart water-grid

The scientific research in all workpackages will be performed in close collaboration with a work-package focussed on application of the scientific results in four demonstration areas in the Netherlands. As a PhD-candidate in AquaConnect, you will be expected to intensively cooperate with other (PhD) researchers and end-users from various companies to translate your scientific results into tangible pilot-application and demonstration in these Dutch demonstration areas.

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