PhD in Optimization methods in extremal geometry

Updated: 15 days ago
Deadline: tomorrow

Optimization techniques like linear and semidefinite programming find applications in many practical fields, but more and more also within mathematics, for instance as a tool in proving theorems in combinatorics, geometry, etc.

In this project, you as a PhD student will explore the use of optimization techniques to tackle problems in extremal geometry such as the sphere-packing problem, the kissing number problem, and other related questions, which are of fundamental interest in mathematics.  Applications in combinatorics, like flag algebras, may also be explored.

As the student, you will be supervised by Dr. Fernando M. de Oliveira Filho of the optimization group at TU Delft.  You will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about modern optimization methods, like semidefinite programming.  You will also be able to learn more about the theory of harmonic analysis and how it can be leveraged in the application of optimization methods to geometrical problems.

There is moreover the opportunity to conduct independent research into topics of your interest.  The position also offers generous funds for traveling.

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