PhD in Impacts of Climate Change in wave resources

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 28 Sep 2021

The Energy Transition is a high priority for many countries globally and Renewable Energies are a key pillar and contributor to mitigate Climate Change effects maintaining global temperatures below 2 Celcius, and address the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. However, Climate Change may affect available offshore energies resources.

This PhD will focus on long-term impacts on wave resources at varied depths, looking into numerical modelling. The candidate will investigate how to reduce uncertainties and improve spectral numerical wave models, done via statistical or machine learning approaches.

The work will consider past and future Climate Change wave scenarios, followed by investigation fluid structure interaction for offshore energy farms that may be quantified as mitigation methods. These will provide the basis for assessing untapped “hidden” mitigation potential that can emerge by the rapid development of offshore energies.

As a PhD candidate you will be part of our Offshore Engineering group in the Hydraulic Engineering department. You will be supervised by Dr. George Lavidas and Prof. Dr. Andrei Metrikine. As part of this project, you will be given the opportunity to work with leading academic and industrial partners.

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