PhD in Artificial Intelligence for Computational Pathology

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Deadline: 04 Jul 2021

Pathology labs are undergoing an unprecedented and rapid transformation. Whole slide imaging (WSI) of histopathological specimen in combination with deep machine learning/artificial intelligence methods have accelerated the field of Computational Pathology that aims to augment, automate or improve a number of tasks that are currently performed by medical experts. Nevertheless, many challenges relating to application of artificial intelligence methods in Computational Pathology remain open.

This research project focuses on developing of novel deep machine learning algorithms/artificial intelligence methods for analysis of whole slide histopathology images. More specifically, you will develop methods that enable end-to-end training of deep machine learning models using large (up to 100,000-by-100,000 pixels) whole slide images as input. Particular attention will be put on explainable models that can give insight into the workings of the model and communicate that information to clinical experts.  The developed methods will be applied to a variety of clinical applications with a particular focus on oncology.

The project will be supervised by Dr. Mitko Veta, Assistant Professor in Medical Image Analysis at TU/e Department of Biomedical Engineering. During the project you will closely collaborate with clinicians and researchers of the Department of Pathology, University Medical Center Utrecht. The PhD project is part of a large European consortium combining leading European research centers, hospitals as well as major pharmaceutical industries.

The successful candidate will become a member of the Medical Image Analysis Group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, headed by Prof. Josien Pluim. The group consists of around 20 enthusiastic researchers, working on both methodological and applied innovations. Research topics include image analysis and quantification, and (deep) machine learning for oncology, cardiology, neurology and histopathology, as well as high-field MR imaging and RF safety. The group has strong ties with the University Medical Center Utrecht (both in research and education) and Philips, but also collaborates with other clinical institutes and industry.

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