PhD Impulse-project COMARIC (# of pos: 2)

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 11 Jan 2023

This is a PhD project in which you will work closely with industry on advancing the state-of-the-art in software engineering.

Architectures for software-intensive systems are described using notations such as SysML and UML. Such architecture-representations are often created in the early phases of development. The correspondence between the architecture and the system implementation is extremely hard to maintain during the development and evolution of the system.

The overall objective of this project is to develop automated tooling that can be used to keep the architecture and the implementation consistent with each other. We will consider consistency from two perspectives: structural & behavioural.

You will be working in an attractive working environment, where we encourage openness, diversity, fairness, humour, and aim for a healthy work-life balance.

In this project, you will perform research by dividing your time across

  • Being embedded in a professional software development in the Eindhoven region that is developing advanced high-tech instruments, and
  • Being a PhD student at the Software Engineering group of the TU Eindhoven.
  • Your responsibilities include designing, executing and reporting on research in the area of Software Engineering. For a small percentage of your time, you will be asked to support CS courses and supervise M.Sc. thesis projects.

    For item 1) you will be expected to significant spend time on-site at the industrial partner.

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