PhD High Temperature Electrocatalytic Engineering for Energy Conversion&Storage

Updated: 21 days ago
Deadline: 31 Mar 2021

In the Chemical Engineering group of the University of Groningen, we are looking for a PhD candidate for a project on the “High Temperature Electrocatalytic Engineering for Energy Conversion and Storage”. Electrochemistry allows the direct conversion of chemical energy carriers into electrical energy, and vice versa, which renders electrochemical systems promising candidates for renewable energy storage. The challenge is, however, to substantially increase the efficiency of the existing processes through the development of selective mixed ion-electron conducting (MIEC) materials, as well as to deeply understand the mechanistic pathways of the involved electrocatalytic reactions.

In this direction, you will develop high temperature MIEC electrocatalysts (e.g., perovskite oxides), and attempt to enhance their physicochemical properties through nanoengineering. Apart from the synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of the electrocatalytic performance of the materials, the optimisation of the different process parts will be also required.

Responsibilities and tasks:

• synthesis and characterisation of novel MIECs to be used as electrode materials
• fabrication of solid-state electrochemical cells with targeted characteristics
• design and optimisation of the electrochemical cell reactors and processes
• preparation of scientific articles and conference communications
• participation in acquiring additional funds for this research line
• teaching activities (10% of total workload), mostly on supervision of bachelor and master students
• contribution to the scientific and collaborative research environment in Chemical Engineering group and the ENTEG institute.

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