PhD Candidate on Machine Learning Algorithms for Neural Data Analysis and Closed-loop Neurotechnological Systems at the Donders Center for Cognition

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Deadline: today

Do you want to contribute to innovative research for the field of neural data analysis? As a PhD candidate on machine learning algorithms, you will span the bridge between the fundamental research on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and applications. This will help us gain a better understanding into the mechanistic underpinnings of the human mind.

We invite applications for a PhD position on representation learning of electrophysiological brain data, supervised by Michael Tangermann. As a PhD candidate, you will be expected to contribute proactively to the Tangermann lab's research goals by developing advanced neural data processing algorithms in the context of closed-loop neurotechnological systems such as brain-computer interfaces.

On the algorithmic side, we will expect you to perform analyses on new or existing datasets, to investigate novel machine learning models and benchmark them against existing models, to evaluate hyper-parameters and architectures of models on a compute cluster, as well as visualise and present results.

On the application side, you will be expected to participate in the design of novel experimental protocols, to implement behavioural paradigms and experimental protocols in software, to program interfaces for real-time data access from hardware devices, to integrate software and hardware modules into closed-loop systems, to participate in recruiting healthy subjects for our studies, and to prepare and run experimental sessions with healthy subjects and patients.

Furthermore you will be expected to disseminate scientific results through high-impact papers in scientific journals, and by presenting your research at conferences and workshops. We also expect you to be committed to the values of open and reproducible science, including the publishing of well-documented code and datasets.

We offer you a full-time (100%) position for an overall duration of 4 years, subject to a favourable interim performance review. You will be employed at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, where you will have the opportunity to collaborate and interact with renowned experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, psychology and cognitive neuroscience. You will also benefit from the extensive training programme offered by the Donders Graduate School. Additionally, you will have teaching duties and the opportunity to supervise MSc and BSc students during their thesis projects. 

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