PhD Candidate/Junior Lecturer in Strategic Human Resource Management

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 27 Sep 2021

The Department of Business Administration at the Nijmegen School of Management is looking for a PhD/Junior Lecturer for its Strategic Human Resource Management group. As a PhD/Junior Lecturer you will have both research (50%) and teaching (50%) duties for a 6-year period. You will work on a PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Beatrice van der Heijden, Dr Caroline Essers and Dr Yvonne van Rossenberg. In this PhD project, you will study refugees' labour market access and labour market integration, focusing on the ways in which refugees develop their social capital, identities and commitments in order to (successfully) participate in the Dutch labour market. More particularly, your study will be aimed at acquiring more in-depth insights into how refugees develop and use their social capital to find work, how they shape their identities while seeking employment, or at work, and how their commitment systems develop and change while they are seeking employment, or are at work. An exploratory design is proposed, focusing on the most import pathways to work which are: (1) employment, (2) entrepreneurship, and (3) voluntary (unpaid) work. In-depth insights into these complex labour market integration processes is essential for building a more sustainable economic integration policy, and will contribute to a better understanding of sustainable work and sustainable career trajectories amongst refugees.
A more detailed project description is available upon request from Dr Caroline Essers ( ). On the basis of this project description you will be expected to develop a more elaborate research proposal in this area in the first year of your appointment. This proposal will have to be approved by the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Nijmegen School of Management. You will enrol in the PhD programme at the IMR Doctoral School.

Your teaching responsibilities include giving tutorials/lectures in the Bachelor's degree programmes offered by the Department of Business Administration, as well as in the Master's degree programmes in Strategic Human Resource Management and/or Innovation and Entrepreneurship/International Business. Moreover, you may be asked to supervise Bachelor and Master students' thesis work. Whilst holding this position, you will be given the opportunity to obtain your university teaching qualification.

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