PhD Candidate in Glycobiology and Biomolecular Chemistry

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 31 May 2022

With leading research into glycobiology and biomolecular chemistry, we can contribute to revolutionizing the healthcare of today and tomorrow. This requires curious individuals who want to push the experimental boundaries of science with their talent and expertise. As a PhD Candidate, you get to explore the future of biomedicine with our state-of-the-art facilities.

Glycans are the most structurally diverse biomolecules in nature. They convey complex biological information regulating cell-type specific interactions and functions. Changes in glycosylation are involved in every major disease including inflammation, autoimmunity, and infection. Deciphering and reprogramming of the biological information content of glycans will enable us to unleash the full potential of these versatile molecules in biomedicine.

The Biomolecular Chemistry Department is looking for a PhD candidate to decode and rewrite the biological information conveyed by glycans. The focus will be on understanding and directing glycan interactions in the immune system and with the intestinal microbiome. As a PhD candidate, you will develop novel tools to read the biological information of glycans and apply CRISPR-based gene editing to rewrite this information in human cell systems. You will develop glycoengineered cells and use them as 'mini factories' for the production of custom-designed glycans and glycoproteins and study their effects on immune and microbiome interactions. To this end, you will apply molecular biology and biochemistry techniques and develop novel types of glycan binding assays. Ultimately, your research will be applied to restore healthy interactions with glycan-binding receptors in the immune system and microbiome in the context of inflammation and autoimmunity.

You will communicate your findings through publications in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. Furthermore, you will be involved in training and teaching BSc and MSc students (up to 10% of your appointment).

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