PhD Candidate in Computer Science Education

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 05 Sep 2021

Exploring your interests during school experience plays a significant role in deciding your focus later in life. As such, teaching students about computer science can help open their eyes to the digital world at a young age. As a PhD candidate, your research helps unearth how to best foster learning in students of this discipline.

The Institute for Science Education is looking for a highly motivated and creative candidate to conduct research in Computer Science Education (CSE) at primary and/or secondary schools. Researchers in CSE are mainly concerned with the methods, approaches and tools that foster and facilitate the learning and teaching of computer science. Do you have a degree in computing and a strong interest in understanding how to best foster learning in students of this discipline? Or do you have a degree in science education and would you like to explore how educational theories apply to CSE? This is an opportunity for you to work in an important and impactful research area. You will carry out your research as a member of the Institute for Science Education, under the supervision of Dr Mara Saeli and Prof. Erik Barendsen.

Currently, our group has various ongoing research projects. One project is looking at ways to help novices understand the concept of algorithms by exploring new learning and teaching approaches such as context-based learning. In another project the focus is on exploring new assessment strategies for the recently adopted computing curriculum in Dutch secondary schools. Other research topics of interest are: integrating new pedagogical approaches such as challenge-based learning in the teaching of computer science; exploring approaches to teach programming to novices; integrating computational thinking in other subjects; or looking at the role that computer science education should cover in preparing students to be able to contribute constructively to the development of society, including in terms of sustainability and climate impact.

In collaboration with your daily supervisor you will define the exact subject of the project. You will engage in cutting edge research and disseminate your results through publication in scholarly and research journals and presentation at international conferences and workshops. Alongside your research, you will be involved in the institute’s teaching activities.

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