PhD Candidate in Categorical Probability Theory

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 01 Dec 2022

Are you an aspiring researcher with an interest in applications of probability theory, for instance in machine learning or neuroscience? Then start your academic career off right as a PhD candidate at one of the top computer science departments in the Netherlands. Using the language of category theory and string diagrams, you will investigate fundamental notions in probability theory.

This PhD position is part of an effort to investigate fundamental notions in probability theory using the language of category theory and string diagrams. The aim is to bring forward the mathematical structures underlying probabilistic reasoning in various areas, with emphasis on probabilistic logic, learning and programming.

The main task is to produce a PhD thesis at the end of the contract. You will publish articles in the scientific literature that will form the building blocks (chapters) for this thesis. An incomplete draft version of a book entitled ‘Structured Probabilistic Reasoning’ will give an impression of the research topic. You can spend a small part of your time (in the order of 10%) as teaching assistant. You will work mainly with Prof. Bart Jacobs , who will be your PhD supervisor, and with Dr Dario Stein.

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