PhD Candidate: History of Middle Eastern Water Management subproject 1

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Deadline: 10 Jan 2020

As a PhD candidate you will be responsible for one of the five subprojects of the NWO-funded VICI project entitled 'Source of Life: Water Management in the Premodern Middle East (7th-15th Century)'. This project studies the interrelationship between water installations, governance, and legal and cultural frameworks in five Middle Eastern cities (Basra, Baghdad, Mosul, Damascus and Cairo) from the first Arab conquests to Ottoman rule (7th-15th c.). By integrating both written and material sources and employing a comparative approach, it seeks to: 1) map the institutional fabric of premodern Middle Eastern cities by taking water as a key service; and 2) identify incentives for institutional innovation in premodern urban water governance. Amore detailed description of the project can be found here .

Subproject 1 Cairo and the role of the waqf

Your PhD research, which is to result in a doctoral dissertation, will map, analyse and compare the diverse water supply institutions in Cairo. The literary sources to be analysed include histories, geographies, legal manuals, travelogues, and manuals for market inspectors. Since, for Cairo, also a unique set of sources is available, describing the workings of a particular Islamic institution (waqf or religious endowment) contributing to the urban water supply, this project specifically focuses on this institution and analyses the varying roles of centralised/decentralised, top-down/bottom-up and informal/formal processes in the functioning of the waqf. In addition, subproject 1 will analyse the incentives for the introduction of the waqf for the urban water provision of Cairo (11th-12th c.) and how it reached maturity under the Mamluk sultans of Egypt (12th-15th c.).

You will contribute research results to the project's database. Your findings will be presented in a dissertation, as well as in several (co-authored) conference papers and book chapters. You are also expected to contribute to wider communication of the project's results. Furthermore, you will cooperate closely with all other subprojects and participate in the project's programme of meetings as a speaker and organiser.

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