PhD Candidate for Safe and Sustainable by Design for Chemicals

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 27 Sep 2021

Chemicals are essential for the well-being, high living standards and comfort of modern society. However, most chemicals have hazardous properties which can harm the environment. As a PhD Candidate, your research will focus on the development, support, and implementation of a Safe and Sustainable by Design approach for chemicals.

The EU's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability calls for the transition to a Safe and Sustainable by Design approach (SSbD) for chemicals. The aim of the current PhD project is to develop and implement an operational SSbD framework for chemicals. The SSbD concept is expected to facilitate the industrial transition towards a safe, zero pollution, climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy. Overall sustainability should be ensured by minimising the environmental footprint of chemicals. The proposed methodology (i) must be applicable during the design phase of substances, materials, processes and products, (ii) must be applicable to existing chemicals and proposed substitutes; and (iii) should further support the integration of life cycle assessment and risk assessment. The education task for this position may be up to 10% of your appointment.

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