PhD candidate at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences / Department Genetics & Cell Biology

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Deadline: 24 Mar 2021

Research groups, MUMC+ & UM
The PhD student will primarily be hosted by the Biomedical Ethics group of Prof. Guido de Wert and Dr. Sanne van der Hout, at the Department of Health, Ethics & Society (HES), Maastricht University, and Dr. Masoud Zamani Esteki of Department of Clinical Genetics, laboratory of Cellular Genomic Medicine.

The PhD student will be co-supervised by Prof. Kadri Simm and Prof. Andres Salumets.

Job description
Reproductive medicine is a highly dynamic field. Promising opportunities in female reproductive medicine (esp. prediction of ovarian/reproductive aging, enabling timely fertility preservation) and reproductive genetic testing, including preconception carrier screening, (non-invasive) preimplantation testing and broad-scope prenatal screening, are on the horizon. These innovations can, however, only be effectuated and responsibly implemented when the normative issues involved (linked with, amongst others, respect for autonomy, proportionality, and justice) are timely scrutinized, taking account of stakeholders’ views an attitudes. This project aims to contribute to the international ethical debate and to a robust and sustainable normative framework for developments in reproductive medicine. The methodology includes both conceptual and normative analysis, and qualitative research (especially focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders).

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