PhD candidate 'Artificial Intelligence to exploring the intersection of digital pathology and genetics in the gut microbiome'

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Deadline: 19 Oct 2023


The Computational Pathology Group (


) and the Cancer Microbiology Group (


) are research groups of the department of


of the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc). The CPG develops, validates and deploys novel medical image analysis methods, usually based on the newest advances in machine learning with a focus on computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). Application areas include diagnostics and prognostics of breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer. Our group is among the international front runners in the field, witnessed for instance by the highly successful CAMELYON, PANDA and TIGER grand challenges which we organized. The CPG is also part of the cross-departmental Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) at Radboudumc, with researchers in the departments of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Pathology and Ophthalmology.

The CMG aims at preventing cancer development and progression by increasing our understanding of the gut microbiome and how it keeps us healthy as well as the underlying mechanisms for its role in cancer development. We develop tools to use the mucosal tissue microbiome as predictor or prognostic factor of gut diseases.

In this EU-funded project we collaborate with the Cognitive Neuroscience Department of the Radboudumc and the Donders Institute.

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