PhD AI-based algorithms for EV charging scheduling for grid stability

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 25 Sep 2022

As part of your 4-year PhD project, you will develop novel Artificial Intelligence(AI)-based algorithms for coupling electric mobility and energy systems. You will join the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) as an employee (PhD contract) and enrol as a PhD at TU Delft. You will be based in Vienna, Austria and travel around two times a year to the Netherlands for research visits of multiple weeks. You will benefit from the professional development programs and facilities of AIT and TU Delft at the same time.

Your PhD project is to investigate how to coordinate charging schedules and how to develop algorithms for self-learning their (changes in) user behaviours from an aggregator perspective. In more detail, how can EV aggregators autonomously learn about the flexibility and patterns of an EV fleet carrying uncertain user behaviours? You will develop algorithms to coordinate EV schedules considering user behaviour, reliability and self-learning. There, you will make different algorithmic design choices depending on the control architecture. For example, deep reinforcement learning may suit sequential decision-making problems under uncertainty. You will test your algorithms on possible system designs where flexibility is valued when considering capacity limitations and sector coupling.

AIT and TU Delft are launching the "AI research in energy system planning and operations" program forming a new expert team combining their strength. In this program, we combine ground-breaking AI methods with the reliable theory of the physical energy system. The area of data-driven scientific computing promises to incorporate statistics, time-frequency analysis, low-dimensional model reductions, and other techniques to extract information from data. With AI, we make such valuable information for managing and planning complex energy systems. At TU Delft, your academic supervisors are Dr. Jochen Cremer (daily supervisor) and Prof. Mathijs de Weerdt. At AIT, your supervisors are Tara Esterl and Dr. Matthias Prandtstetter.

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