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Bright Renovation Insulation for housing by Advanced Materials and Methods (BRIMM) is a project that will accelerate insulation development for increased sustainability of homes in the Netherlands. By 2050, the Netherlands’ buildings are planned to be completely gas free, an enormous task as 3.7 million homes in the Netherlands are insufficiently insulated. Current renovation methods require large investments and time: almost two weeks per house. With the methods that will be developed in this project, a house can be renovated in less than two days at much lower cost using innovative sustainable materials. Within this project, Maastricht University will study the effect of these innovations on the indoor climate, well-being and health of the residents. This will be the topic of research for this specific PhD-candidate.

Effects of the indoor environment on well-being and health

Building renovations can significantly impact the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), e.g. via ventilation, thermal and lighting conditions. In turn, these IEQ factors affect well-being and health of the residents. Earlier studies of the department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences of MU have shown that dynamic thermal and lighting conditions can positively affect well-being, cognition and metabolic health. Moreover, air quality is an important IEQ factor. Therefore, in this project, the PhD-candidate will specifically study the impact of thermal conditions, ventilation strategies and lighting on human well-being, cognition and health.

BRIMM is a close collaboration between Maastricht University, Eindhoven University of Technology, the companies Aerobel, Takkenkamp, ​​Physee and Kriya Materials, the housing association ZoWonen, ZUYD Hogeschool, Brightlands Materials Center / TNO and Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Studies will take place in the Metabolic Research Unit of Maastricht University, and in a real-life living lab environment at Eindhoven University of Technology. The candidate will be supervised by dr. Guy Plasqui, dr. ir. Rick Kramer and prof. dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt.

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