PhDs in Mathematics

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PhD advisors and research areas:

⁃ Sergei Merkulov: Geometry, algebra and mathematical physics, deformation quantization, operads and props, graph complexes, Grothendieck-Teichmüller groups
⁃ Ivan Nourdin: Stochastic analysis, Malliavin calculus, theoretical modeling
⁃ Hugo Parlier: Low dimensional geometry and topology, moduli and Teichmüller spaces
⁃ Giovanni Peccati: Stochastic analysis, random fields and stochastic geometry
⁃ Antonella Perucca: Number theory (algebraic, analytic, computational), arithmetic geometry
⁃ Norbert Poncin: Higher geometry, homotopical algebra and mathematical physics
⁃ Jean-Marc Schlenker: Geometric structures on 3-dimensional manifolds and geometric analysis
⁃ Bruno Teheux: Algebraic logic, universal algebra, order and lattice theory
⁃ Gabor Wiese: Number theory, arithmetic geometry, computer algebra

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