PhD Position in Formal Methods for Information Security and AI (m/f)

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Deadline: 15 Sep 2019

The Project

The research will be conducted within the STV project (Socio-Technical Verification of Information Security and Trust in Voting Systems), in collaboration with Polish Academy of Sciences. The project aims to develop novel concepts, methodologies, and tools for specification, analysis, and assessment of information security properties that seriously take into account the human and social elements of the processes. In particular, we will apply the developments from Game Theory, Multi-Agent Systems and Artificial Intelligence to study essential features of voting procedures, such as confidentiality, coercion-resistance, and voter-verifiability. We are also going to develop algorithmic tools that help to analyze the level of security and usability. This should lead to novel designs for secure and usable voting systems. Note that, while we focus on voting procedures in the project, the concepts and tools being developed can be also applied to analysis of other systems whose security and effectiveness depends critically on human behaviour and its social context.

Position Description:

The successful candidate will join the Applied Security and Information Assurance research group (APSIA), led by Prof. Peter Y. A. Ryan. APSIA specializes in mathematical foundations of information assurance, including mathematical modelling and analysis of information flow, design and analysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols (both classical and quantum), secure verifiable voting systems, and game-theoretic analysis of security systems and protocols. The group has expertise in both the symbolic and the computational styles of analysis, and investigates the links and synergies between them. APSIA has also established itself as a leading centre for the socio-technical aspects of security.

The candidate’s tasks will include:

  • Conducting research on modeling, analysis, and verification of security properties in socio-technical systems
  • Providing guidance to M.Sc. students
  • Disseminating results through scientific publications and talks at conferences

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Y. A. Ryan <[email protected]> or Prof. Dr. Wojciech Jamroga <[email protected]>

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