Doctoral Position (PhD) in Computer Science on DLT-based systems for Space Robotics

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Successful candidates will join a young, strong and motivated FINATRAX Research Group. The research group conducts research on the application and the impact of digital technologies like DLT/Blockchain, Digital Identities, Machine Learning/AI, and IoT/5G on organisations in the private or public sector. By doing so, it builds bridges between business research and information systems engineering. The group consists of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers coming from different disciplines (e.g., policy, business, technology) to pursue first-rate research on the design and impact of information systems.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to make an important contribution to several exciting research projects, most notably, FiReSpARX. In this project, the candidate will be tasked with developing a prototypical system for robotic trading in space. Space is becoming an increasingly competitive environment, where private and public players will deploy autonomous entities of all kinds (e.g., satellites, robots, etc.). Economic cooperation and interaction between these will be a key source of value creation. At the same time, such a system will also be highly relevant on earth.

Next to FIRESPARX, successful candidates will carry out research in the context of Prof. Fridgen’s PayPal-FNR PEARL Research Grant in the area of DLT/Blockchain, Digital Identities, and Machine Learning/AI. Successful candidates will thus have the opportunity to investigate a broad range of research areas and design an individual research portfolio. As such, successful candidates will be able to align the skills that they learn pursuing a doctorate with their personal goals and interests.

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