Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in cloud computing

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This is a fully funded position for 3 years (extendable to an additional 4th year) connected to a partnership with Proximus, a Luxembourgish company in cloud computing (under brand name Telindus) and telecom operator (under brand name Tango). Therefore, the objectives of the PhD project are defined in accordance to the project directions, and also aligned with the research interest of Proximus towards their product development.

Cloud computing has enabled elastic provisioning of computer resources and revolutionised the industry leading to basically zero cost investment needed for infrastructure of new IT-companies. Most resources provisioned this way comes from data centres with a vast array of quite similar compute offerings. With modern distributed client-facing applications, however, there is a need to move the resources closer to the clients, to the Edge. While this is possible today, it is a manual time-consuming and error prone process.

The project for this position deals with automation of this process by developing a set of complementary services. We will work on programming models, develop a technology to allow software components to be executed on heterogeneous hardware (including accelerators) without being modified. We will also develop scheduling technology that can take performance constraints into account and run the software at the compute resources that make most sense taking not only performance into account but also power consumption.

The successful candidate will be supervised by Dr. Mats Brorsson (also Professor at KTH Royal Institute of technology) from the University of Luxembourg and with an industrial supervisor from Proximus, and join a strong and motivated research team lead by Prof.  Radu State. The candidate is also expected to spend 20-30% of her/his time at the Proximus premises in Luxembourg.

The position holder will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Contribute to the project “ACE5G – Accelerated Cloud Edge in 5G”
  • Carry out research in the predefined areas
  • Disseminate results through scientific publications
  • Present results in well-known international conferences and workshops

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