PhD in Protein chemistry applied to antibodies

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Deadline: 30 Jun 2021

The PhD program in Biomolecular Sciences is a research doctorate of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in Caserta-Naples, Italy. The program is multidisciplinary and based on a well-balanced combination of research activity with access to the most modern technological platforms, theoretical courses, internal seminars and participation to national and international conferences. The official language of the Doctorate program is English. Research and training activities will take place in the Department of Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, via Vivaldi, Caserta and in the CNR Institutes of Genetics and Biophysics A. Buzzati-Traverso, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and Biostructures and Bioimagingof Napoli. All these institutions provide an international and very stimulating research environment for the students. The students will spend part of their doctorate (at least 3 months) in research groups abroad.

Your project: Cancer therapies based on the selective activation of T cells targeting highly specific Tumor Associated Antigens (TAAs) are a new successful option in the fight against several malignancies. Forefront approaches are based on the use of dual specificity proteins, called T cell engagers (TCE), composed of bi-specific antibodies or antibody fragments (AF), that simultaneously target one epitope on T cells and a second epitope on specific TAAs on cancer cells. This novel class of biotherapeutics works by recruiting T cells on the surface of tumor tissues promoting their destruction. The project aims to develop new TCEs based on bispecific AFs which are assembled through consensus sequences reactive toward microbial transglutaminase (MTG). The bispecific AFs will be composed of an anti-CD3 scFv or Fab and an AF against known TAAs selectively expressed in tumors, including breast cancer, glioblastoma and colorectal cancers. The new molecules characterized at analytical and functional level are expected to open new perspectives for treating refractory solid cancers.

Supervisor: Dr. Annamaria Sandomenico. Email: . Publications:Scopus Author ID: 23978865200; . Candidatesshould contact the supervisor to arrange a preliminary interview by Skype as soon as possible.

Your qualification: Master degree in chemistryor pharmaceutical chemistry or biology (and related fields) or equivalent obtained in countries other than Italy. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in protein chemistry and antibody development.

Our offer: 3-year PhD student position with scholarship from Nov 1, 2021 to Oct 31st , 2024

Evaluation Criteria

- Curriculum assessment concerns:

a) Master degree thesis (pertinence with Ph.D. topics, final grades);

b) certified knowledge of Foreign languages;

c) research and study abroad;

d) scholarships;

e) post graduate qualifications;

f) publications, conference abstracts, reference letters.

g) a written research project on the topics of the PhD program following the instructions reported in the call

- The oral testwill concern a discussion on the qualifications and the research project submitted and will be conducted electronically via Skype (or another similar tool).

How to apply

Contact the supervisor for a preliminary interview as soon as possible and then apply online by following the instructions reported in the call

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