New technologies to map RNA modifications genome-wide - PhD position (ESR) within the European...

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 22 Jul 2021

 The European Training Network named ROPES (ROle of EPitranscriptomics in DiseasES) has been granted in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action for Innovative Training Network (ITN). The project is coordinated by the University of Trento (CIBIO) and it involves ten European laboratories and one biotech company from nine different countries, including: the Medical University of Wien (Austria), the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (Poland), the Umea University (Sweden), the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ (Germany), il Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy), the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Spain), CEITEC- University of Masaryk (Czech Republic), IMMAGINA Biotechnology Srl (Italy), Free University of Bruxelles (Belgium). 

The project aims to unravel the role of epitranscriptomics in diseases and to exploit it for novel therapies. ROPES, awarded with 3M € from the European Commission, started on December 2020, and will recruit Early Stage Researchers to perform innovative research projects in cooperation with leading universities in Europe and the United States of America. 

Twelve Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) will be recruited to work in laboratories with expertise in RNA modification, development, bioinformatics, cancer, immunology, drug development.  The position here advertised corresponds to ESR10.

Details of the position:

IMMAGINA Biotechnology srl (Trento - Italy) will recruit and host one ESR (who will be hosted as PhD candidate also at UniTRENTO): The details of the PhD project are the following:

• Objectives: (1) The creation of a bioinformatic pipeline to integrate RNA editing signatures with parallel Ribo-seq and RNA-seq data from MSCA-ITN network data; (2) the use of proprietary wet lab technologies to detect RNA signatures 

• Description: The Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will be recruited and trained to join a biotech company to advance the knowledge on the role of RNA modifications on different diseases and models, thanks to a large collaboration in the MSCA-ITN network. The position will advance knowledge on RNA modifications and potential applications for novel therapies and diagnostic strategies 

• Expected Results: We expect to get a deeper insight into the mechanisms of how post-transcriptional modifications affect ribosome function. This will be of relevance for understanding pathological conditions affected by alteration of protein synthesis caused by RNA editing and related defects in translation efficiency 

• Profile: The candidate should have a knowledge of programming with R and python. Knowledge of some bioinformatics pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing Analysis on large datasets, including the creation of software packages (preferential: Cutadapt, RiboWaltz, STAR, Bowtie). Team player and bio-related curiosity (better if you have some biotech background)! 

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