Announcement of a public selection for admission to PhD programs for additional scholarships... (# of pos: 29)

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 05 Nov 2021

Public selections are announced for admission to round XXXVII of the research doctorate programs and for assignment of additional PhD scholarships co-financed through PON 14-20 funds:

a) on innovation topics focused on the issues of innovation, enabling technologies and the broader digital issue, such as enhancement of human capital in the world of research and innovation;

b) on green topics focused on issues oriented to the conservation of the ecosystem, biodiversity, as well as the reduction of the impacts of climate change and the promotion of sustainable development;

The PhD courses involved, whose activities start from 01.01.2022, are:

● Business & law

● Engineering and applied sciences

● Transcultural studies in humanities

● Technology, Innovation and Management (TIM)

● Human sciences and Welfare innovation

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