Postdoc position at the Quantum Materials and Neuromoprhic Compuation Lab in the Technion

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 23 Jul 2021

As current computer technologies are close to their theoretical limits, there is a need for a paradigm shift in the field of computation, which would be based on novel physical mechanisms and materials. These should allow for intrinsic biomimetic functionalities along with high energy efficiency and scalability.

Our lab aims to harness the complex physics of strongly correlated materials to meet these demands. In our lab, we focus on Mott insulators which exhibit temperature- and current- driven transitions into a metallic state. The orders of magnitude change in resistance which can be achieved by applying current through a Mott insulator represents an unusual type of resistive switching which can mimic the operation of both neurons and synapses in the brain. We are developing novel ways of controlling the switching process with strain, doping and defects. We have already shown orders of magnitude improvement in energy consumption and aim to achieve control over many other dynamic properties. Our research spans from the most basic physics of strongly correlated materials to actual devices mimicking biological neural networks.

Projects for prospective postdocs are numerous: from exploring the intricate interplay between structural, electronic, and magnetic degrees of freedom to developing artificial neurons and synapses and coupling them to create novel hardware-level artificial neural networks. To achieve this we use a vast array of experimental techniques with new state-of-the-art equipment including: RF magnetron sputtering, x-ray diffractometry (lab-based and synchrotron), electron-beam and laser lithography, DC/RF transport measurements, high-resolution cryogenic optical microscopy, scanning-probe microscopy (AFM, STM) and more.

We are looking for excellent postdocs who want to do cutting edge science at the junction of physics, materials science and computing in a young and dynamic research group. For details, please see our website  and contact Yoav Kalcheim – .

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