PhD Scholarship in Multilingual Multimodal Information Extraction, ADAPT Centre, MTU, Ireland

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Location: Ireland,
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Sep 2022

ADAPT Centre ( ), Munster Technological University (MTU), Ireland and Bluetensor S.r.l, Italy ( ) have formed a partnership to fully fund a 4-year PhD position in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The general area for the PhD focus will be Multilingual Multimodal Information Extraction. The successful candidate will work closely with a team of mentors from academia and industry.

Why ADAPT Centre?

Contribute to the ADAPT research agenda that pioneers and combines research in AI driven technologies: Natural Language Processing, Video/Text/Image/Speech processing, digital engagement & HCI, semantic modeling, personalisation, privacy & data governance.

Work with our interdisciplinary team of leading experts from the complementary fields of, Social Sciences, Communications, Commerce/Fintech, Ethics, Law, Health, Environment and Sustainability.

Leverage our success. ADAPT’s researchers have signed 43 collaborative research projects, 52 licence agreements and oversee 16 active commercialisation funds and 52 commercialisation awards. ADAPT has won 40 competitive EU research projects and obtained €18.5 million in non-exchequer non-commercial funding. Additionally, six spinout companies have been formed. ADAPT’s researchers have produced over 1,500 journal and conference publications and nearly 100 PhD students have been trained.

As an ADAPT funded PhD researcher you will have access to a network of 85 global experts and over 250 staff as well as a wide multi-disciplinary ecosystem across 8 leading Irish universities. We can influence and inform your work, share our networks and collaborate with you to increase your impact, and accelerate your career opportunities. Specifically we offer:

Opportunity to build your profile at international conferences and global events.

A solid career pathway through formalised training & development, expert one-on-one supervision and exposure to top specialists.

A Fully funded, 4 year PhD postgraduate studentship which includes a tax-free stipend of approx. €18,500 per year for up to four years including EU tuition fees, research and equipment costs and all costs associated with training related covered.

Why Bluetensor?

Combine research with field experience. Every day we apply the latest technological innovations by selecting those that are best suited to the business, developing customised solutions to solve our customers' concrete problems.

Compare yourself with different sectors. See how your research is indispensable in different businesses. BlueTensor develops artificial intelligence projects in industry, education, law, media, etc. participating in public and private tenders.

Exploit synergies. Technologies become even more powerful when combined with others. BlueTensor has expertise in deep learning, machine learning, predictive analysis, computer vision and natural language processing. In each project we know whether and how to combine algorithms in the best possible way. You will be able to deal with our highly skilled team of data scientists, front-end developers, full-stack developers and AI architects.


ADAPT is committed to achieving better diversity and gender representation at all levels of the organisation, across leadership, academic, operations, research staff and studentship levels. ADAPT is committed to the continued development of employment policies, procedures and practices that promote gender equality. On that basis we encourage and welcome talented people from all backgrounds to join ADAPT.

About the ADAPT Centre

ADAPT is the world-leading SFI research centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology hosted by Trinity College Dublin. ADAPT’s partner institutions include Dublin City University, University College Dublin, Technological University Dublin, Maynooth University, Munster Technological University, Athlone Institute of Technology, and the National University of Ireland Galway. ADAPT's research vision is to pioneer new forms of proactive, scalable, and integrated AI-driven Digital Content Technology that empower individuals and society to engage in digital experiences with control, inclusion, and accountability with the long term goal of a balanced digital society by 2030. ADAPT is pioneering new Human Centric AI techniques and technologies including personalisation, natural language processing, data analytics, intelligent machine translation, human-computer interaction, as well as setting the standards for data governance, privacy and ethics for digital content.

Our Research Vision

Governments and civil society are starting to recognise the need for urgent and concerted action to address the societal impact of the accelerating pace of digital content technologies and the AI techniques that underpin them. ADAPT provides an ambitious, ground-breaking, integrated research programme that assembles three interlocking Strands that together are capable of addressing this challenge. Each of these complementary and reinforcing research Strands takes one of the different perspectives on the provision of personalised, immersive, multimodal digital engagement, i.e. the individual’s experience and control of the engagement, the algorithms underlying digital content processing, and the balanced governance by enterprise and societal stakeholders.

About Bluetensor

Bluetensor was founded in Trento (Italy) in 2018 and today its team consists of 13 resources. By combining Project Management with the Agile method, Bluetensor meets clients' needs by developing solutions that have an impact on business time, costs and processes.

The projects carried out over the past three years have earned Buetensor an excellent international reputation. One of its reasoning systems, for example, is being beta tested by teams of experts on five continents.

Moreover, thanks to its strong expertise and challenging projects, Bletensor has created two new start-ups to apply artificial intelligence in particular sectors.

Bluetensor’s founders believe in the importance of scientific research. That's why Bluetensor is sponsor of the Doctorate in Industrial Innovation at the University of Trento and partner of various initiatives with Italian and foreign universities.

BlueTensor’s vision: “Promote a smarter way of working and a better lifestyle by empowering people and organizations through Artificial Intelligence.”

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