PhD Opportunity in Transport and Civil Engineering

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Location: Ireland,
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 10 Nov 2022

Project Description

The TU Dublin PhD project focuses on building and structural element modelling and validation of Irish timber elements. It will include Building Information Modelling (BIM) and related procedures, finite element modelling, hygrothermal analysis, laboratory testing of components and assemblies, development of end-of-life deconstruction and retrofit principles as well as collaboration and dissemination activities. Please highlight experience in any of these above areas in your application.

The PhD student will join a consortium which includes researchers from T Dublin, NUIG and UL working on a new national database for harvested wood products, addressing a current lack of data necessary for comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of Irish timber use in the built environment. The larger collaborative project addresses the challenge of minimising the carbon footprint of construction projects, promoting greater use of sustainable timber solutions in place of high embodied carbon materials. The overall objective is to deliver comprehensive whole lifecycle assessment quantifying the environmental, economic, and social impacts of the use of locally sourced Irish wood products in the built environment, including creation of a new national lifecycle database for these products. This will enable key stakeholders and policymakers to make informed decisions in promoting the use of Irish timber in enhanced solutions optimised for the whole building lifecycle, from raw material extraction to design, construction, and deconstruction. This supports current housing demands, growth of the circular bioeconomy, job creation and increased afforestation. For the first time, construction demand and land-use for forestry will be linked in lifecycle assessment to optimise returns to forest owners and identify novel uses of wood for sustainable construction

Student Requirements

Essential: minimum 2.1 BSc (level 8), and/or Masters (Level 9) in Civil/ Structural Engineering or other relevant field. High proficiency in spoken and written English – minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent English test.

Preferred (in order of importance): Experience/knowledge in; structural testing, Finite element analysis, finite element modelling, BIM, construction typologies, building codes / practices / guidelines, timber in construction

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