PhD position in Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 25 Jun 2017

PhD student at CNR, VIT University, Vellore

Centre for Nanotechnology Research (CNR) at VIT University,Vellore is a highly esteemed research institution within the field of micro- and nanotechnology. Applied science, innovation strategies and state-of-the-art technology form our core identity as a scientific institution. 

Centre for Nanotechnology Research at VIT University,Vellore offers an attractive international working environment to scientists and students and we have around 20 PhD students from various parts of country. A well-established laboratory infrastructure, an open and cross disciplinary work culture at our department, and our neighbouring class 1000 clean room facilities contribute to the outstanding research environment. Currently, more than 10 funded projects are on-going in CNR.

The PhD programme is a 3+ year programme designed to educate researchers at an international level and interplaying with the international research world. The PhD programme consists of a learning process where the PhD student learns to perform research under guidance.

Who can become a PhD Student?

National as well as international candidates may apply for the programme. We are seeking highly qualified candidates with good grades and a focused interest in research.

Research areas

By visiting the research area on our website (, you can read more about the research groups, including the main research topics, current projects, lists of key publications and staff.

For further details, you shall mail to Dr. D. Kannadassan, Associate Professor, CNR, VIT University, Vellore (

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