PhD student within biomedical sciences or psychology at Sleep Revolution

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Dec 2021

PhD student within biomedical sciences or psychology at Sleep Revolution

100%, Reykjavik University and Gothenburg University, temporary position

Reykjavik University and University of Gothenburg are looking for a PhD student for a joint position between the two universities for the Horizon 2020 project Sleep Revolution, sponsored by the European Commission. The project is led by Reykjavik University (RU), in collaboration with 36 other partners in Europe and Australia. The research partners are academic, industry and health institutions. The work is highly inter-disciplinary with involvement e.g. at RU from four departments; Department of Engineering, Computer Sciences, Sport Science and Psychology.

The University of Gothenburg is the coordinator of the European Sleep Apnea Database (ESADA) network involvement in the Sleep Revolution. A total of 24 centers will recruit 1000 patients with sleep apnea for a 3 month treatment trial and retrospective data has also been collected for thousands of patients.

This is a paid position under the EU H2020 grant, the will be no fees or pre-registration required for the person recruited.


We are looking for a PhD student that will develop/acquire

  • Skills in data collection, analysis and empirical testing.
  • Administering neuropsychological tests and sleep studies.
  • Work with physiological data.

The ideal candidate should be truly interested and have experience in

  • High-quality data collection and analysis.
  • Working with and interviewing research participants.
  • Administering neurocognitive tests, sleep studies and/or other physiological measures.

In addition to that, the candidate should be independent, flexible and with a passion for the development of digital health platforms. The candidate will work closely with the other scientists in the Sleep Revolution so being able to work as a team, is a requirement. This position will entail exciting cutting-edge opportunities of core digital innovation for the right candidate.


  • Master degree in biomedical sciences or psychology, preferably in cognitive or neuropsychology.
  • Training in empirical testing (experimental set-up, data collection, managing participants).
  • Experience with data analysis.
  • Preferably experience in working with physiological measures or sleep studies.
  • Preferably some training or experience in administering neuropsychological test batteries.
  • Self-organised with a strong ability to work autonomously.
  • Flexible, result-oriented, willing to learn and to work in a dynamic environment with a diverse team.
  • Dynamic and communicative personality with high social competence.
  • Strong ability to communicate in English (oral and written) is essential.
  • Be willing to be located for at least one year at each university and willing to locate on short notice on own expense.

The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2021. The position is project-related and, thus, temporary for 3 years. Start is as soon as possible or by agreement. All inquiries and applications will be treated as confidential.

Any questions regarding working in Iceland or about Reykjavik University should be sent to . Questions regarding the research work may be sent to

  • Applications are only accepted through the recruitment website.
  • All applications and inquiries about jobs are treated as confidential.
  • Applications are confirmed by e-mail and if the applicant is eligible for the job in question, the applicant will be contacted.
  • A detailed curriculum vitae is requested with information about previous jobs, education, referrers, etc.
  • Include a Cover letter stating the reason of interested in being a part of the Sleep Revolution project.
  • Please note that all applications will be answered once the process is finalised.

Reykjavik University

Reykjavík University has around 3.700 students and 250 faculty and employees in addition to numerous adjunct faculty in two schools: Technology and Social Sciences. We offer a welcoming and stimulating environment in which to work and live. The University is centrally located in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland.

The role of Reykjavik University is to create and disseminate knowledge to enhance the competitiveness and quality of life for individuals and society, guided by good ethics, sustainability and responsibility. Education and research at RU are based on strong ties with industry and society. We emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration, international relations and entrepreneurship.

University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg is among the largest universities in Northern Europe (approx. 47,000 students and 6,400 employees, ( ). With its eight faculties, UGOT is also the most wide-ranging and versatile university in Sweden. The Faculty of Medicine (Sahlgrenska Academy) provides education and conducts research in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, odontology, neuroscience, and healthcare sciences in close collaboration with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital. With 5,300 students and 1,780 employees, the Faculty of Medicine is the largest faculty of the university.

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