Research Assistant (PhD student)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 26 Mar 2020

Enzyme Technology Lab of the Department of Chemistry is active on the

field of biocatalysis and biotransformations. CEPOPA project, which is

funded from H.F.R.I. (Greece), aims the development of novel

chemoenzymatic processes for the synthesis of optically pure amines,

compounds with possible pharmaceutical interest. More specifically, it

focuses on the combination of two incompatible reactions: The chemical

oxidation of alcohols and alkynes from nanomaterials and the enzymatic

enantioselective amination of ketones from transasminases. During

CEPOPA, enzymes will be immobilized onto functional nanomaterials, in

order to enable the process to be performed one-pot and the

applicability will be showcased with specific substrates. In the

framework of CEPOPA project, two young scientists will be trained.

Main role of this position will be the organic sythesis and

characterization. The selected candidate will undertake the synthesis

and characterization of graphene oxide and other redox nanomaterials

that can be used as immobilization matrix. Later, the candidate will

work on transaminase immobilization on selected nanomaterials and their


The deliverables linked to this position are related to the protocol of

synthesis of the desired nanomaterial with high catalytic potential, as

well as the catalytic characterization of the most prominent

nanomaterials. Moveroever, the optimized protocol of transaminase

immobilization onto these nanomaterials will be delivered, among with

some quantity of the bioconjugate and a report on the structure-fuction

of the immobilizate. Finally, the candidate will have to aid the writing

of the annual reports, publications and conference proceedings.

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