Corlipids Bioanalytical scientists/Biochemist (3 PhD candidate positions) (# of pos: 6)

Updated: 8 months ago
Deadline: 18 Dec 2019

Overview of the Roles

About us

BIOMIC AUTh is a Research Facility in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki. BIOMIC_AUTh is an inter-disciplinary team active on biomarker discovery (disease diagnosis-prognosis-therapeutic intervention), pre-clinical drug research and agro-food R&D. Central research themes include metabolomics, genetics,   bio-equivalence, functional foods, food authenticity and traceability. BIOMIC_AUTh Laboratory team brings together 18 researchers with strong expertise in bioanalysis and application in life sciences.

About the project

BIOMIC_AUTh is seeking for a motivated PhD candidate/researchers to work in the Corlipid project. Corlipid is a major innovation grant that investigates the potential of metabolic profiling in cardiovascular disease diagnosis/prognosis. The main emphasis of the post will be on the development and expansion of the bioanalytical tools of the BIOMIC_AUTh team. The team has extensive experience in the development of chromatographic techniques and their use in metabolomics’ studies along with vast experience in toxicological and pharmaceutical studies. In the capability of the Corlipid project the team is expanding its capabilities in the field of lipidomics research.

Successful candidates are expected to work on

1) the development of new bioanalytical pipelines using the MS instrumentation available in the lab, along with the treatment of data derived from those pipelines to decipher the complex and exciting lipid biochemistry. Two positions.

2) data mining and data treatment using advanced statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA, HCA)

3) biochemistry and pathway analysis

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