PhD student position in experimental condensed-matter physics

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12.05.2021, Wissenschaftliches Personal

The Walther-Meissner-Institute (WMI, of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW) located at the Research Centre Garching near Munich in Germany, offers a three-year PhD student position in the physics of correlated electronic systems.

The Mott metal-insulator transition is one of the fundamental hallmarks of electronic correlations in a metal. Unconventional superconductivity and other fascinating phenomena often emerge in proximity to this transition that places a comprehensive understanding of the Mott physics among the most urgent challenges in the field of quantum materials. Despite the existence of numerous theories exploring the evolution of the metallic ground state near the transition, an explicit experimental verification of their key predictions is largely lacking. This PhD thesis is aimed at filling this gap of knowledge by an experimental study of the

"Charge carrier properties and electronic correlations in organic metals near the Mott transition".

The layered organic charge-transfer salts selected for the study provide archetypal quasi-two-dimensional electronic systems with highly tunable Mott instability. Their ground state can be driven from insulating to normal metallic to superconducting by using moderate pressures or magnetic fields as control parameters. Within the project, the key characteristics of charge carriers in these materials will be explored via high-field magnetotransport, with the focus on magnetic quantum oscillations. A part of the experiments will be carried out at the facilities of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory (EMFL) providing the highest continuous and pulsed magnetic fields.

Research areas: Electronic correlations and phase transitions; unconventional super-conductivity; organic metals and superconductors; magnetic quantum oscillations.

Experimental techniques: Low temperatures (down to < 0.1 K), strong magnetic fields; high pressures; high-precision magnetotransport measurements.

Applications including a CV and a cover letter explaining motivation and skills of the applicant should be sent to Dr. Mark Kartsovnik (Email: and, please mention the code “2021-MK-01”). The closing date for applications is June 15th, 2021.

Deadline for applications: 15th of June 2021

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