PhD-student position for an organ on a chip-microfluidics project

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 12 May 2024

23 Mar 2024
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University of Tübingen
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First Stage Researcher (R1)

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12 May 2024 - 23:00 (UTC)
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Offer Description

Our group is looking for a detail-oriented PhD-student with a strong background in organ on a chip research. We are working in the interdisciplinary field of microbiome-immunity-cancer interactions. More specifically we aim to understand how and which specific bacteria impact on cancer. How the microbiome, in particular intratumoral bacteria (together with the immune system) impact on cancer cell development is one of the main questions in the field. To study this question, we utilize cutting edge, microfluidic organ on a chip approaches. Moreover, our work is geared towards translation to the clinics, thus this project will also use primary patient samples (patient derived cancer organoids, intratumoral bacteria from patients etc.). This project may also offer the opportunity to develop custom made microfluidic chambers. Aside from the core work of this project (organ on a chip research and bioengineering), this project also provides access to cutting technology platforms such as, metabolomics-, histology-, bioinformatics- and a germ-free facility as well as a wide array of established methods to support the biological questions of this project (flow cytometry, MACSIMA, CODEX, genetic engineering of T cells/cancer cells, etc). Candidates with an open mind for learning new technologies are particularly encouraged to apply. Candidates with experience in one or more of the following fields are welcome to apply: Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biology, medical sciences or a similar field with organ on a chip experience. A further interest or basic skills in any of the following fields is an advantage: Microbiology, Immunology, Cancer cell biology. We are an international team and good English skills (oral and written) are required. Moreover, projects in our lab are highly linked with each other, thus a collaborative mind and strong team spirit is particularly important for prospective candidates. We look for dedication, scientific creativity and the ability to work in an interdisciplinary team.

Your Profile:

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals with:

  • A Master’s degree, or an equivalent degree in bioengineering, biotechnology, biology medical sciences, biology or a related area
  • strong background in one or more of these fields/skills: Organ on a Chip, Microfluidics, Imaging cytometry. Technical skills: cell culture, cancer cells and/or immune cells.
  • basic knowledge in any of this fields is an advantage but optional: Microbiology, Immunology, Cancer cell biology, bioinformatics. Technical skills: culture of anaerobe/aerobe bacteria, mouse handling experience, Coding in e.g. R.
  • strong interest to develop a novel cutting-edge technology
  • enthusiasm in translational work and molecular mechanisms
  • good oral and written communication skills in English
  • excellent team player and social skills

We offer:

  • the chance to work at the interface of microbiome-immunology-cancer, a highly competitive and exciting field in biomedical research
  • Potential to develop novel microfluidic chambers with downstream commercial applications
  • access to cutting edge methods to study translational aspects of cancer (metabolomics, histology-, germfree/gnotobiotic animal facility, organoid cultures, T-cell engineering via CRISPR/Cas9 technology, imaging, microbiome-based immune modulation approaches)
    a wide spectrum of genetic, molecular and cell biology, microbiology as well as immunological techniques
  • studying clinically relevant aspects of chronic disease through our affiliation with the University Hospital, local research groups and closely collaborating groups
  • excellent mentoring and participation in programs, to prepare you for future career steps
    the brand new M3 research center (Malignome, Metabolome und Microbiome) including world renowned research groups
  • Based on interest (inter)national exchange with other labs (Zürich, Switzerland, Heidelberg, Germany, Calgary/Canada or) to learn new techniques
  • An internationally highly competitive research environment in Tübingen with three excellence clusters (CMFI, IFIT and Machine learning)
  • Beautiful Tübingen and surrounding regions that offer countless ways to enjoy your free time, outstanding quality of life and social security.

The position is fully funded and the position will be initially available for 2 years with the possibility of renewal for a third year. The position is remunerated based on the TV-L salary scale (E 13 TV-L, 65%). Qualified female candidates are explicitly encouraged to submit their applications. Disabled applicants with equal qualifications will receive preferential treatment within the recruitment procedure.

Feel free to visit our homepage(s):

We would be delighted to receive your application including a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, Master’s (or equivalent) degree, a summary of the Master’s thesis, expected availability date, list of publications, and two to three references in one combined pdf document.

Start date is negotiable, but earliest on 01.06.2024

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University of Tübingen

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