PhD position in inorganic catalysis

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03.08.2017, Wissenschaftliches Personal

A PhD position in inorganic chemistry is available in the laboratory for Bionorganic Chemistry, at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Department of Chemistry and Catalysis Research Center.

Research in our group focuses on the development of novel molecular inorganic complexes, as catalysts for energy and sustainable chemistry related processes. We are particularly interested in developing catalysts based on inexpensive and earth-abundant metals. As such, we synthesize and study complexes containing late, first-row transition metal complexes (e.g. Fe, Co, Ni, Cu). We are further interested in the development of photocatalysts, allowing us to harness light energy to promote chemical transformations.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We are looking for a student to join our team as a PhD student to work on a project related to CO2 activation. Rising CO2 levels pose a threat to the environment. However, with an appropriate catalyst, CO2 could be converted into so-called solar fuels or other valuable chemical products. The research project will focus on the development and optimization of inorganic molecular complexes, for photochemical CO2 reduction.
Throughout the project, the student will have the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of areas that include synthesis, inorganic spectroscopy, photochemistry and catalysis.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is a leading research university in Europe. We offer excellent working conditions, enrollment in the TUM graduate school, and an international research environment. The position is funded through the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), which provides a unique opportunity for young scientists to participate in interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research. Aspects of the project will involve collaborative efforts with the research groups of Prof. Rieger (Chemistry Department) and Prof. Stutzmann (Physics Department).

CANDIDATE PROFILE & APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: The position is available starting October, 2017. Applicants should hold a Diploma/Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Chemistry. Previous experience in coordination chemistry is desirable. The application should include a CV, transcripts, a letter of motivation and at least two references. Please send your application materials by email, by 1. September, to:

TUM is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified women are therefore particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants with disabilities are treated with preference given comparable qualification.


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