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Programme Description

In line with its statutes the Studienstiftung des deutsches Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation) awards scholarships to support the ‘higher education of young people showing exceptional promise for academic or artistic accomplishment, who stand out by virtue of their personality and are willing to render service to society as a whole’. Candidates are selected independent of political, ideological or denominational criteria.

There are various ways for admission: On the one hand, headmasters may propose particularly gifted and committed high-school graduates for acceptance into the scholarship programme. This applies also to the German schools abroad, if the candidates meet the requirements of BAföG §8, the German Federal Training Assistance Act. On the other hand, professors at higher education institutions may recommend talented and top-performing students at least in their 3rd semester who are personally known to them. Furthermore, the examinations offices of the higher education institutions in Germany may nominate outstanding candidates studying for a Bachelor’s degree or a state examination in their 3rd or 4th semester once a year. Students in their 1st or 2nd semesters may apply themselves and sign up for the assessment test.

Target Group

Under its mission statement, which is based upon the principles of achievement, initiative and responsibility, the Studienstiftung promotes socially involved students from Germany and abroad with an outstanding academic record studying at higher education institutions, universities of applied sciences or state colleges of art and music in Germany.

In order to be eligible for promotion in Germany, students have to a) be EU citizens or b) fulfil the requirements of BAföG §8. The requirements according to §8 BAföG are met by all German citizens and, as a rule, foreign residents with a German education as well as persons entitled to permanent residence in Germany; in addition, persons entitled to asylum, refugees or persons entitled to subsidiary protection. Candidates with a tolerated-stay status will be accepted only after a 15-month qualifying period. There is, however, no age limit on scholarship application.

Moreover, candidates carrying out an entire course of studies or part of it at a higher education institution in Switzerland or a European member state are eligible for funding, provided that they meet the requirements of BAföG §8, 1-3 .

Academic Requirements

Students and high-school graduates with outstanding academic records may be nominated for funding. Students who are recommended by examinations offices should rank among the top 2 percent of their class. Also, students who are nominated by higher education professors must be among the top 5 to 10 percent of their class.


Scholarship holders may be awarded funding for the entire standard period of study, students in BA or MA programmes until obtaining their Master’s degree.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship includes an allowance toward the cost of study of 300 EUR and a grant dependent on income, which is calculated in keeping with BAföG regulations. Neither the allowance nor the grant must be paid back. There are additional allowances for scholarship holders with children, if necessary, as well as for health and nursing care insurance. Furthermore, the Studienstiftung funds studies, research stays or internships abroad.

The Studienstiftung also organises a wide range of events and activities, such as language courses all over Europe, scientific events throughout Germany or at the place of study as well as social competence training courses and workshops on professional orientation. All events aim at inspiring an exchange of ideas among involved and open-minded students and creating vibrant interaction beyond any ideological, cultural, political or social boundaries.

Scholarship holders will in addition be given access to the Studienstiftung’s network, which comprises more than 60,000 alumni and students all over the world.

Application Papers

If you are in your 1st or 2nd semester and wish to apply via the assessment test please find all relevant information here

Information on application via nomination by professors or examinations offices is available on our website .

Application Deadline

High-school administrators are requested to submit their nominations electronically by 15 July of each year. Please find detailed information here .
Examinations offices at higher education institutions and universities of applied science are invited to submit their nominations between June and July of each year. Further information is available on our homepage .

Nominations by professors or alumni are welcome at any time. Students in a 4-semester Master’s programme can be proposed by the end of their 1st Master’s semester at the latest. In a 3-semester Master’s programme, the proposal should be received in the first 3 months of the programme. In the case of a 1-year Master’s degree, the proposal and application documents must be submitted before the start of the Master’s programme.

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