full time PhD in material science (# of pos: 2)

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Location: Germany,
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 27 Jun 2022

PhD within EU-CESAREF-project on: Microstructural impact on refractory materials during In-Situ testing by means of X-Ray imaging methods

Objectives: The microstructure of refractory materials are undergoing changes during its operation leading to degradation. The structure, like pores and microcracks, strongly affect the materials parameters, such as thermal conductivity, elasticity, or mechanical strength. The microstructure is studied via X-Ray based imaging methods, namely X-Ray computed tomography as well as X-Ray based refraction radiography and tomography to gain knowledge about the pore structure and crack propagation after or while being in an operation-like environment in terms of heat and load.

Expected Results: The commonly used refractory materials, spinel castables (containing and forming) as well as mullite and fused-silica-based refractories, undergo significant microstructural changes during its use in refractory linings. Hence, a more detailed knowledge of the degradation mechanisms is of great importance and gives important hints to the cause of their performance drop and how to circumvent those.

Starting date 2022-10-01
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