1 PhD Position in �Role of microRNAs in Endothelial- and SMC-Function�

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1 PhD Position in �Role of microRNAs in Endothelial- and SMC-Function�
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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) comprise a novel class of endogenous, small, noncoding RNAs that negatively regulate gene expression via degradation or translational inhibition of their target mRNAs.
Accumulating evidence emerges that the deregulation of miRNA synthesis and expression often comprises an initial step in disease development. However, the role of impaired miRNA processing during the development of vascular diseases like atherosclerosis or post-angioplasty restenosis has not been investigated so far and may offer an interesting approach for the prevention or treatment of these diseases. The current project is aimed to first characterize differentially regulated miRNAs in different in vivomodels of vascular diseases. By knock down or overexpression studies their impact on EC or SMC function (proliferation, migration, apoptosis, differentiation) will be assessed in vitro. Microarray analysis and proteomic screenings combined with in silico analysis will be utilized to identify target mRNAs which will be further validated by luciferase assays and characterized for their impact on the observed cellular function. Additionally, the regulatory mechanisms of the expression of these miRNAs will be further evaluated by identifying the responsible stimuli and upstream signaling cascades. Further in vivo experiments, in which selected miRNAs will be overexpressed or knocked down will reveal their impact on the development of vascular diseases and therefore their potential for therapeutic interventions.

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36 months

Working Language
English, German

Language of the Doctoral Thesis
English, German

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PhD student

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  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of university degree
  • Letter of motivation
  • Language Certificate English

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University / Organisation
Justus-Liebig-Universit�t Gie�en
35390 Gie�en

Faculty / Institute
International Giessen Graduate School for the Life Sciences (GGL)

Supervisor of the Doctoral Thesis
Herr Prof. Dr. Daniel Sedding

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