1 PhD Position in �Impact of verbal instructions on the kinematics�

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1 PhD Position in �Impact of verbal instructions on the kinematics�
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This project is examining the influence of verbal instructions on movement kinematics. Research has frequently shown that focusing attention on the body and the movement changes movement performance differentially in experts and novices. To gain an understanding of these processes, it is necessary to analyze how the attentional focus influences the kinematics of a movement. It may do this by freezing the degrees of freedom and reducing movement variability. These effects will be examined in detail with a 3D movement analysis system. The motor lab at the Institute of Sport Sciences is equipped with a 12-camera Vicon system that is ideal for complex movement analysis. The plan is to study golf putting as well as complex postural control as found in, for example, gymnastics.

Full Doctorate

Research Stay

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36 months

Working Language
English, German

Language of the Doctoral Thesis
English, German

Requirements for Applicant

Subject Requirements (Qualification)

Type of Persons
PhD student

Compulsory Attachments

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of university degree
  • Letter of motivation
  • Language Certificate English

University / Organisation advertising the position

University / Organisation
Justus-Liebig-Universit�t Gie�en
35390 Gie�en

Faculty / Institute
International Giessen Graduate School for the Life Sciences (GGL)

Supervisor of the Doctoral Thesis
Herr Prof. Dr. J�rn Munzert

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