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  • DOCORAL SCHOOL C2MP | Villers les Nancy, Lorraine | France | about 8 hours ago

    (joining 20 laboratories of the Grand Est region for the design of new transdermal patches), this PhD project will focus on the use of bacteriophages as NT encapsulated in polyelectrolytes hydrogels

  • European Magnetism Association EMA | Villeneuve la Garenne, le de France | France | about 10 hours ago

    of the sensors using magnetoelastic nanostructures has been shown. However, combined usage of magneto-elasto-plasmonic structures along with surface acoustic waves devices remains unexplored. This PhD thesis thus

  • IRIG | Grenoble, Rhone Alpes | France | 9 days ago

    Title of the PhD project: Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae PhD supervisor: Gilles Curien PhD co-supervisor: Johan Decelle Research institute: IRIG Laboratory: PCV

  • UMR IMoST 1240 | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 9 days ago

    , enasidenib for example) [3]. In this context, the aim of this PhD thesis will be the development of an innovative radiotracer targeting mIDH, for PET (positron emission tomography) imaging of these mutated

  • UMR IMoST 1240 | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 9 days ago

    Targeted internal radiotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors for the management of metastatic melanoma The treatment of metastatic melanoma has benefited from major advances with therapies targeting the mutated BRAF protein or more recently immunotherapy. However, some tumours do not respond...

  • UMR IMoST 1240 | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 9 days ago

    Design of new Ga-complexes for PET imaging of aggrecans Scientific background: Studies undertaken by UMR 1240 IMoST resulted in selecting a bifunctional chelator (BFC) for both selective targeting the articular cartilage and technetium-99m complexation, the most commonly used medical...

  • CNRS | Autreville sur la Renne, Champagne Ardenne | France | about 9 hours ago

    University of Rennes 1 is located in Rennes, a welcoming middle-size city (1h30 by train from Paris). The PhD student will work in the Inorganic Theoretical Chemistry (CTI) team, in the Institute

  • University of Montpellier | Montpellier, Languedoc Roussillon | France | 15 days ago

    interactions inducing residual adsorption. ● Objectives. The scientific objective of this PhD program is to significantly improve the protein separation by decreasing the residual adsorption

  • PhD thesis Realization of sensors of volatile organic compounds for the early diagnosis of cancer pathologies Scientific context and description of the project With more than 14 million new cases

  • CEA | Grenoble, Rhone Alpes | France | 15 days ago

    Concrete Programming Model for computer with quantum accelerator PhD avisors : Quantum computers will provide unprecedent performances thanks to a very different computing model from the classic

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