Postdoctoral position in organic chemistry/CAD and 3D printing

Updated: 5 months ago
Location: Tremblay en France, LE DE FRANCE
Deadline: 31 Jul 2019

- organic chemistry work in the laboratory,
- computer-aided design (SolidWorks software) and 3D printing,
- NMR analysis, MS,....
- scientific and technical bibliography,
- writing research articles,
- writing reports and regular oral presentations (particularly to the Dassault Systems Foundation)

The 3DECON project, supported by the Dassault Systems Foundation, focuses on the use of continuous flow microreactors designed using 3D technology to decontaminate chemical warfare agents (CWA). The recruited person will be responsible for designing and testing microfluidic reactors for neutralizing organophosphorus and organosulfur agents. All tests will only be performed on mimes of legal CWA and reduced toxicity.
Bibliography related to the project:
(1) Picard, B.; Gouilleux, B.; Lebleu, T.; Maddaluno, J.; Chataigner, I.; Penhoat, M.; Felpin, F.-X.; Giraudeau, P.; Legros, J. Oxidative Neutralization of Mustard-Gas Simulants in an On-Board Flow Device with In-Line NMR Monitoring. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56 (26), 7568–7572. .
(2) Picard, B.; Chataigner, I.; Maddaluno, J.; Legros, J. Introduction to Chemical Warfare Agents, Relevant Simulants and Modern Neutralisation Methods. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2019, sous presse, 10.1039.C9OB00802K. .

The research work will take place in the COBRA UMR CNRS 6014 laboratory (University of Rouen Normandy/INSA of Rouen Normandy/CNRS) located in the IRCOF building of the Mont-Saint-Aignan site (website under construction: ), and more particularly within the MESOO team.
The work will be supervised by Julien LEGROS, Research Director at the CNRS.

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