PhD student in neuroscience "Determination of the role of Shank3 in the dynamic organization of AMPA

Updated: 7 months ago
Location: Tremblay en France, LE DE FRANCE
Deadline: 29 Jul 2019

-------- Established in January 2011, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience (IINS) parent institutions are the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and the University of Bordeaux.
With 130 people and 8 research teams, IINS deploys multidisciplinary expertise to study molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in brain activity. The Institute develops innovative methods in imaging, chemistry, physiology and computer science. IINS is a major player in Aquitaine's neuroscience community and a leading component of Bordeaux Neurocampus and BRAIN, a cluster of excellence in Neuroscience.
The PhD student will work in Daniel CHOQUET's team under the supervision of Eric HOSY.

Determination of the role of Shank3 in the dynamic organization of AMPAR and on synaptic physiology
Activities: electyrophysiology, super-resolution imaging

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