H/F PhD in physics-based outdoor sound synthesis for moving sources

Updated: 9 months ago
Location: Tremblay en France, LE DE FRANCE
Deadline: 04 Oct 2019

The Institute of Mechanical Science and Industrial Applications (IMSIA) is a joint research laboratory between ENSTA ParisTech, CNRS, EDF and CEA. It is hosted at ENSTA ParisTech, one of the top Engineering school in France, and a founding member of University Paris Saclay, a large university in the south of Paris. The acoustics research at IMSIA is oriented towards aero- and hydroacoustics (with applications to wind turbines and marine propellers), outdoor sound propagation, and musical acoustics (numerical methods for sound synthesis of gongs, cymbals, and piano).

As Early State Researcher (ESR7) within the VRACE project, you will develop physics-based models for outdoor sound generated by moving sources in realistic environments. You will adapt existing physics-based emission models for various moving sources, such as road traffic noise and wind turbine noise, in a sound synthesis context, and account for the effects of atmospheric variations, ground and obstacles in the propagation model of the sound synthesis tool.

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