Several positions on Semiconductor based energy converters

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Several positions on Semiconductor based energy converters 

We are looking for highly motivated researchers and students who want to become part of demonstrating the next breakthroughs in solid state cooling [1], waste heat energy harvesting [2] and semiconductor electrochemistry. 

Career for a better climate. Every day. 

Our work aims at developing and demonstrating new energy conversion systems based on high efficiency III-V compound semiconductors. The work spans the full range of topics from epitaxial growth and material development to device design, processing, micro- and nanofabrication, characterization and modelling, integrating both experimental and theoretical activities. Similar work has already revolutionised solar energy harvesting, solid state lighting and global communications – with your help we aim to do the same for heating, cooling, waste heat energy recovery and renewable chemical energy harvesting. 

About The Position 

We currently look for talented people, without strict requirements for a specific degree. Depending on the candidate the positions are adapted for a M.Sc., doctoral candidate or post-doctoral researcher. The positions are primarily intended for experimental work and scheduled for at least 2-3 years and 6 months for a master's student. Nonetheless, also candidates with a strong modeling experience related to the topics are included. 

In addition to the generic topics addressing thermophotonics and electrochemical energy conversion technologies we also offer a master's thesis position on developing nanocellulose aerogels for optical refrigerators. 

What We Offer 

By joining our ~10-person strong research team you will get chance to do unique research in a cutting-edge research infrastructure and in collaboration with several international research groups. The research roots in a research project funded by the European Research Council and is currently strongly linked to several Horizon2020 and national research projects and consortia [3-5]. 

Our group strongly nurtures taking initiative and learning new skills in the research. The members are encouraged to suggest own ways for solving of the research problems of the group, and to demonstrate the feasibility of the new methods. Also new and original research ideas in the field of semiconductor energy conversion can form a base for personal grant applications, widening perspectives for the future career development. 

The research takes place at Aalto University and Micronova clean room facilities, located at Espoo, Finland. Micronova is the largest clean room facility in the Nordic countries and provides ample possibilities to learn and use state-of-the-art clean room tools [6]. Finland offers a clean, safe and naturally beautiful environment with several world's best and happiest country/city nominations over the past several years, as well as four distinct seasons, and outstanding social security system and a high standard of living [7]. 

The salary levels are based on the university policies, typically setting the salary of a post-doctoral researcher to ~3.9 k€/month and doctoral candidate to 2.5-3.3 k€/month. 

Who We Are Looking For 

At the moment, we are particularly interested in talented people with a background, expertise and interest in inorganic semiconductor fabrication and electrochemistry. A successful candidate is likely to be an ambitious and resourceful researcher who wants to understand high efficiency compound semiconductor devices and their energetics, design and analysis. 

Necessary skills and qualifications 

The ideal candidates could provide some or most of the following: 

  • Strong background on epitaxial growth of III-V compound semiconductors (emphasis on GaAs based materials and MOCVD). 
  • Good understanding of the physics of compound semiconductors and devices such as solar cells, infrared lasers and/or LEDs. 
  • Experience on electrochemistry, material characterization techniques and surface sciences. 
  • Experience of III-V device processing. 
  • Team working skills, sociable character and good command of English. 
  • Resourcefulness and aptitude for independent and open-minded thinking. 
  • Previous studies on a suitable field. 

How to apply 

If you fit the description and are interested, please submit your motivation letter, CV and certificate of studies to our electronic recruiting system XXsaimaXX at your earliest convenience. Please also note that while we can also consider e-mailed applications we will only answeracknowledge them in the case they are shortlisted. If you have further enquiries, please contact us by email at jani . oksanen (at) aalto . fi or (for general questions about the recruiting process) hr-nbe (at) 

We wish to fill the positions as soon as possible and appreciate existing residence in Finland if you are looking the student positions. The call will remain open until 1st of June, or until a suitable candidate has been found. 

About the Engineered NanoSystems (ENS) research group 

The work at ENS combines the research of optical thermodynamics with semiconductor-based energy conversion, forming one of the leading clusters for the thermophotonics research. We are working towards a sustainable future by contributing to the research of renewable energy and efficient energy conversion. We particularly aim to demonstrate and develop optical heat pumps and energy harvesting approaches that are based on electroluminescence, and on new types of semiconductor-based chemical energy converters. We are collaborating with other groups in Europe and the USA to develop solutions for waste heat recovery, optical refrigeration and optical heat transfer. Our core topics also have ramifications with nanophotonics, photovoltaic laser power converters and cryogenics. We work in an interdisciplinary rich environment collaborating with microelectronics and photonics cutting-edge technology groups, startups and industries. While presently based at the university providing a cutting-edge environment for academic research, we also have a strong ambition towards bringing the developed technologies outside the university environment. 

Further information 

Background papers 

[1]   [2]  

Affiliated projects: 

[3] TPX-Power (  [4] OPTAGON (  [5] PREIN ( )  [*] Academy of Finland projects Aeropolis and MAPS 

Aalto university:  

Micronova clean room facilities:  [6]  

[7] The happiest place on earth...  

More about Aalto University:

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