PhD student position in physics on atmospheric ions and ionising radiation

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 01 Jun 2020

Laboratory of Environmental Physics in Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia is looking for an eligible candidates to fill a PhD student position: ”On atmospheric ions and ionizing radiation; instrument development, deployment and implications”.

Atmospheric ions play an important role in atmospheric clusters and new particle formation and cloud activation. Detailed understanding on formation of atmospheric ions is a necessity for understanding whole biosphere-atmosphere-climate interconnections. In this work a new instrumentation will be developed to detect ionization rate of air, physical and chemical properties of air ions and characterization of ionizing radiation in atmosphere. Ionizing radiation is originated from galactic cosmic rays and from soil radiation, through direct emission and also through radon gas outgassing. The new instrumentation is deployed to field station for atmospheric research where closure on ion sources and sinks will be estimated. Work will contain radiation modelling, development of new instruments, experimental work in laboratory and in field station, data collection and statistical data analysis of the collected data together with all relevant data measured in the field station. Depending on personal capabilities and interests of candidate the work can be shifted more towards modelling, instrument development or data analysis. 

University of Tartu (UT) (founded in 1632) is the oldest and largest university in Estonia with more than 16000 students and 1800 academic staff members. UT includes four faculties, colleges and several regional development units. UT stresses the importance of international co-operation and partnerships and has entered into bilateral co-operation agreements with 69 partner institutions in 26 countries. The Institute of Physics is the largest institute in the structure of the UT. The institute pursues research in a number of different directions, in theoretical and experimental physics as well as materials and environmental sciences. The institute has a long history in atmospheric sciences. Currently 35 persons are working in this field. Main research topics are atmospheric and aerosol dynamics, air quality, atmospheric ions, cosmic and earth radiation, atmospheric chemistry, forest-atmosphere interactions, instrumental design and development.

Deadline for applications is 1st of June 2020

For more information please see

University of Tartu PhD admissions and study regulations

Guide to Higher Education in Estonia

For questions contact the project supervisor Prof. Heikki Junninen (heikki.junninen (at)

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