PhD Position in Bioinspired Cellular Variable-Stiffness Textiles for Soft Robots

Updated: over 1 year ago
Deadline: 30 Apr 2019

We offer a 4-year PhD position in Bioinspired Cellular Variable-Stiffness Textiles for Soft Robots. This project aims to develop a variable-stiffness metamaterial that finds application in wearable textile-integrated solutions for healthcare and medicine. The Doctoral Candidate transfers the stiffness variation mechanisms found in natural cells and tissues to a textile platform. The electrochemically controlled variable-stiffness textile conforms to human bodies and demonstrates high level of safety, enabling devices in direct physical contact to humans.


Soft robotics has significantly diversified the robotics scene by introducing actuation, object manipulation, and morphing concepts from nature. The new concepts e.g. touch revolutionize how robots interact with and provide assistance to humans, as well as perform delicate tasks such as surgery. In particular, the compliant physical interactions are essential in healthcare and in minimally invasive medical interventions. The living organisms are known to achieve their compliance by combination of shape-morphing and stiffness modulation actions, inspiring the roboticists.

Who do we look for? 

You have obtained a Master degree in Materials Science, (Applied) Physics, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Biology or similar. You are interested to perform research and have background in experimental and numerical research You are interested to interact and collaborate with other researchers. 

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